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May 19, 2006



Do keep it up when you can...love to read it...great pic you posted. Would love to hear more about your new job...


Well Rami... To those that read this, I am David, the one that has the incredible priviledge to work with Rami. We started an amazing adventure 6 months ago called movmnt (www.movmnt.com), a new lifestyle magazine coming out next june 19th. That's for the pitch. Rami and I just started working together and I have to say he is the best asset that could have ever happen to me. I want to thank you for beeing so quick, efficiant, for learning quickly and wanting to nurture yourself even more everyday.
Working with friends could be on paper a difficult experience, for Rami and I,in my opinion, it's a perfect fit.


I love the fact that reading your blog is like watching fingernails grow. Its very Zen. I try not to check in every day but instead determine when you've posted by disturbances in the Force. It never works but I think thats just because the Force is not strong with you.


Oh, Scott, if you only knew about me and the Force. :) And as far as nails growing, well, I bite mine so I wouldn't know. But, seriously, I was about to bug you somehow anyways because I've missed you and your insight on life in general. Thanks for still stopping by. And when do I get to actually meet you?


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