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February 22, 2006



how is this surprising? you've been to Crobar, it is one of the seediest and scariest places in Manhattan, especially if he was there on Sat night, when the B&T trash crawls out of the Hudson to leer at one another. How is Chelsea, especially far west Chelsea, some sort of "safe" zone in your head? It's one of the least safe places to party in my mind.

You think this guy is attractive?


Well he's not exactly my type, but he seems like a cutish version of Inspector Clouseau.


Gurl, would you please post already?!?



I mean even Miss Bomb was able to put up a new post after ten days even though it was just a lame assed link.

More kisses


"Raaaahhhhhmeeeeeeeeee" (that is my impersonation of my mom saying your name) When are you gonna update your site again??

p.s. Are the Crobar in NY and the Crobar in Chicago affiliated with eachother??


Yeah Jenn. The Crobar Chicago begat Crobar Miami which begat Crobar New York and, recently I believe, Crobar Buenos Aires.


did you quit? i'm so delinking you if you don't write soon!


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