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November 29, 2005


Mr. Bomb

"The organized religions of the world should be checked and watched closely, in my opinion. Closer than the mafia. Closer than terrorists."

i'm not sure i understand the distinction between the three, don't they all overlap quite a bit?


I don't know about the mafia: I don't consider the mafia religious, but it is a terrorist group, I suppose. Anways, the groups may overlap, but it is still possible to focus attention on them individually. Seriously: There is something not well with the so-called 'leaders' of the major religions. I foresee, however, a profound break from the traditions of these insitutions when people wake up and fucking realize that they are being played. Spirituality and the moral lessons of relgion can still ultimately exist and remain in society while the institutionalized parts of relgions are dismantled. We can only pray. :)


Amen, brother! (yes, I do see the irony in that statement)


p.s. C***** and A**** look fabulous! And Alina looks just like your Mom.
The niece and nephew are adorable too...

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